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tnt productions
Providing video production services. Specializing in story telling.
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Sports story telling
Various equipment, introducing:
​the Drone 
Web promos
Full Length Feature Documentaries
I would like to explain how my past experience can reach your goals through my ability to tell a story.

​​In TV news, I developed a natural intuition as well as a format for how to shoot a story. For 10 years I shot more than one story a day (sometimes 3-4) for news casts. I feel could make a 2 minute "package" about anything. Some call it gorilla shooting. That skill that determines a workflow and strategy combined with what I learned at the ad agency with a more production orientated system. I also learned about powerful demographics and ways of using video that are elusive as well as useful. I have a camera that came out this year. Its very new and impressive to people who are aware of new gadgetry in video. I have an easy button for video production. For those of you who want a video but just can't get started. If you don't know where to start or how to initiate you came to the right l=place. More bang for your buck as I am reasonably priced. For explosive results you need the right equipment. With tnt's arsenal you will have your own dynamite.