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Here are some pricing charts that estimate the cost of shoots and edits. Two elements create a workflow that is a good starting point for any project.
-audio sensitive and B-roll-image sensative

A roll / B roll
$250 estimated for 4 hours of shooting.

$30 per hour for pre and post work.

A-roll is a bit more production based. Slow and careful.  More set up time as well as audio are the important factors. They are mostly interview shots. Leaf blowers, weather, and hardwood floors are all major disruptions because they inhibit sound. That is why a "controlled environment" is ideal.  This means that we want control over the sound, people, light, and isolate.  Mics are set up prior to the shoot.

is everything else. Shooting of the event or story. Natural sounds become part of the story. It can be sneaky or shaky.  It should be creative. No mics are set up  prior to the event.

$30 per hour for pre and post production work